Advance Technical Analysis

Advance Technical Analysis

One of the best things about Advance Technical Analysis course offered by Intonivesh is that it is based on practical study and latest updated Elliot Wave Theory. We are the only stock market institute in the region to offer classes on interactive learning system.


Advanced Technical Analysis Course



1: Introduction
2: Market Prediction Based On Waves
3: Elliot Waves Personality and Characteristics: Dominant Pattern and Corrective Pattern
4: Elliot Waves Rules and Guidelines
5: Pattern Recognition and Fractals
6: Fibonacci Relationship
7: Example of the Elliot Wave Principle and the Fibonacci Relationship
8: Counting of Waves and its subordinates and major degree
9: Theory Interpretation
10: Series of Wave Categories
11: Four steps of trading:
       A. Identify Trend
       B. Analyze and initiate a trade
       C. Identify target level
       D. successful exit from a trade
12: Live Applications Of Elliot Wave theory reflects the overall scenario of the market trend.
13. Gann Analysis:
       A. Identification of stop loss and target through Gann Fan.
       B. Price Time Square
       C. Trading using Gann Angles
       D. Moon cycle and their connection with stock markets
       E. Natural Time Cycle
       F. How to calculate trend reversal dates as per Gann analysis
14. Clouding and Seeding

Many of the technical analyst states that follow the ultimate trend of the market rather than focusing on secondary or tertiary trend and avoid following the ripples. Bad news makes the markets shaky and ripples are formed so one need to ignore and follow the primary trend. This course focuses on how market reacts on news and ultimately follows the primary trend.

During the course you will learn how to implement Wave applications on real market graphs.

Our primary focus is to offer products related to financial markets including services such as advice on equity investments, mutual funds, derivatives and insurance.

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