Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Course

Our comprehensive forex trading course program covers technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management, designed for both beginners and seasoned traders. Learn from industry experts through interactive sessions and practical insights, ensuring you're equipped to navigate the dynamic world of forex trading confidently.

Forex Trading Course Module Objective

The Objective Of This Module :

  • Is To Train The Candidates On Price Action Analysis.
  • You Will Become Expert In Chart Reading, Price Pattern Analysis, Price Direction Analysis.
  • You Will Be Able To Take Buy/Sell Decisions At The Right Time To Make The Most Of Forex Trading Opportunities.
  • You Will Be Trained In Rule Based Trading.
  • Focus Will Be On Risk Management & Money Management


1. What is Forex ?
2. Evolution of Forex
3. Difference between Forex and other Financial markets
4. Difference between Fundamental and Technical Analysis

  1. Top Liquid Pairs
  2. Commodities
  3. Index
  4. Cryptocurrencies
  5. Foreign Stocks

1. MT4
2. MT5
3. C Trader
4. How to use Meta Trader

1. Leverage/Spread/Swap
2. Equity or Margin
3. Margin Call

  1. Forex Factory
  2. News based strategies
  3. Important News
  5. Employment Claim
  6. Interest Rate

1. Fill or Kill Order
2. Limit Order
3. CMP
4. Sell Stop | Buy Stop
5. Buy Limit | Sell Limit
6. SL or TP

1. Funds Required
2. Lot Size Calculation
3. Mini, Micro, Standard

  1. How to read currency strength
  2. Impact of strength in other currency
  3. Correlated Pairs
  4. p2p trading

1. Advanced Smart Money

2. ITC

3. MFVA Strategy

4. Price Action

  1. Day Trading
  2. Discretionary Trading
  3. HFT
  4. Mechanical Trading
  5. Positional/Swing Trading
  6. Scalping

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