Intraday Trading Course

Intraday Trading Course

Intraday/Swing Trading Course

  • Intraday Trading strategies based on Real time Technical Analysis software and indicators .
  • Intraday strategies make successful on the basis of  Technical Indicators,  technical analysis tools & studies.
  • Discipline & Time management is key of successful Trading and professional investment

Intraday Program Highlights- Course Curriculum

1. Keltner band strategies
2. ORB Strategy
3. Multi Time frame strategy
4. Trading with Morning Gaps
5. Moving average strategies
6. Super trend strategies
7. AIM & Shoot Strategies
8. Fibonacci  based strategies
9. Open interest future-option strategies
10. Intraday  tick  strategy
11. Price spike & volume  strategy
12. Morning 15 minute trade strategies
13. Dual Bollinger  Band intraday strategy
14. Trident Ribbon Strategy
15. Aim & Shoot Strategy
16. ADX - RSI Strategy
17. Inside/Outside day trading strategy
18.Head fake breakout day trading strategy
19. Day trading patterns strategies

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