Technical Analysis Program

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The Objective Of This Module :

  • Is To Train The Candidates On Price Action Analysis.
  • You Will Become Expert In Chart Reading, Price Pattern Analysis, Price Direction Analysis.
  • You Will Be Able To Take Buy/Sell Decisions At The Right Time To Make The Most Of Stock Trading Opportunities.
  • You Will Be Trained In Rule Based Trading.
  • Focus Will Be On Risk Management & Money Management


Introduction to Technical Analysis
1. Meaning of Technical Analysis
2. Major Factor behind technical analysis
3. Advantages of Technical Analysis
4. Difference between Fundamental and Technical Analysis
5. Role of Technical Analysis in Live Market.
6. History of Technical Analysis

Types of Charts  
1. Bar chart
2. Line chart
3. Point & figure chart
4. Candlesticks Patterns

Chart formations and Trend reversal formations
1. Head and Shoulders
2. Double Tops and Double Bottoms
3. Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms
4. V-tops
5. Rounded Tops and Rounded Bottoms (saucers)

Trend Continuation Formation
1. Flags
2. Pennant
3. Triangles
4. Wedges
Implementing Chart and Candlestick Patterns
1. Support & Resistance levels
2. Trends
3. Gaps Theory
4. Volume

Trend analysis
1. Trends
2. Direction
3. Duration
4. Trend lines
5. Channel lines
6. Breakout trend lines: Rules of confirmation
Moving averages
1. Definition
2. Benefits
3. Types
4. Number of moving averages
5. Duration
6. Double crossover
7. Triple crossovers

1. Put/Call ratio
2. Volatility index VIX
Ratio Analysis
1. Fibonacci
Specialty indicators
1. Directional Movement Index
2. Parabolic (SAR)
3. Supertrend Indicator
4. ADX

Technical Analysis Indicators
1. Relative Strength Index ( RSI)
2. Moving average convergence & divergence MACD
3. MACD Histogram
4. Stochastic
5. Bullish & Bearish Divergence
6. Bollinger Bands
Stop Loss
1. What is Stop Loss
2. How to set stop loss
3. Stop loss through SAR parabolic
4. Stop loss through moving average

Volume and Open Interest
1. Volume & open interest with Support & Resistance
2. Using open interest to find bull & bear signal

1. A Brief History of Options
2. Option chain analysis
3. Using Implied Volatility to Determine Strategy
4. Option Pricing: Time and Intrinsic Value
5. Meet The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Beta, Vega & Rho
6. Options Open Interest and Volumes
Intermarket Technical Analysis
1. Inter market relation using Technical concepts
2. Inter market Analysis –Gold, crude, silver, Nifty, Dollar, International Market

Our primary focus is to offer products related to financial markets including services such as advice on equity investments, mutual funds, derivatives and insurance.

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